Chamblee Tax Incentive Strategy

The City Council of the City of Chamblee recognizes that the Chamblee Downtown Development Authority (DDA) is a separate body with vested authority to provide tax incentives. The DDA and City Council operate with the important shared mission of furthering the goals set forth in the master plan and other documents in order to achieve positive economic development in Chamblee.

Creation of guidelines for development incentives plays an important role in aligning goals and expectations of development considered by each of the bodies. These guidelines are intended to provide a basis for decision making as well as communicate economic development priorities and goals to developers and to the public.

While these guidelines provide a strong foundation for consideration of development incentive requests, the DDA retains the discretion to approve or deny any tax incentive request. Tax incentive requests will be evaluated comprehensively.  This policy is meant to serve as guidance in considering development incentive requests and adherence to the prerequisites as stated herein does not guarantee a project will receive a tax incentive.

The full strategy may be downloaded here. Developers seeking an incentive through the Downtown Development Authority should reach out to Mercy Montgomery, Assistant City Manager at, or call 470-395-2308.

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