Meeting Agendas and Minutes



Here’s the recorded agendas and minutes of past meetings

July 2021 Regular meeting Agenda

June 2021 Regular Meeting Agenda

May 2021 Regular Meeting Agenda

March 2021 Regular Meeting Agenda

February 2021 Regular Meeting Agenda

January 2021 Regular Meeting Agenda

December 2020 Regular Meeting Agenda

November 2020 Regular Meeting Agenda

October 2020 Regular Meeting Agenda

September 2020 Regular Meeting Agenda

August 2020 Regular Meeting Agenda

July 2020 Regular Meeting Agenda

June 2020 Regular Meeting Agenda

May 2020 Regular Meeting Agenda

April 2020 Regular Meeting Agenda

March 2020 Regular Meeting Agenda

February 2020 Regular Meeting Agenda

January 2020 Regular Meeting Agenda

December 2019 Regular Meeting Agenda

November 2019 Regular Meeting Agenda

October 2019 Regular Meeting Agenda

September 2019 Regular Meeting Agenda

August 2019 Regular Meeting Agenda   Minutes

July 2019 Regular Meeting Agenda  Minutes

June 2019 Regular Meeting Agenda  Minutes

May 2019 Regular Meeting Agenda

April 2019 Regular Meeting Agenda  Minutes

March 2019 Regular Meeting Agenda

February 2019 Regular Meeting Agenda

January 2019 Special Called Meeting Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes

December 2018 Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes

November 2018 Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes

October 2018 Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes

September 2018 Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes

August 2018 Special Called Meeting  Minutes Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes

July 2018 Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes

June 2018 Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes

May 2018 Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes

April 2018 Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes

March 2018 Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes

February 2018 Regular Meeting Agenda  Minutes 

January 2018 Regular Meeting Agenda  Minutes

December 2017 Special Called Meeting Agenda Minutes Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes

November 2017 Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes

October 2017 Regular Meeting Agenda  Minutes

September 2017  Special Called Meeting  Minutes  Regular Meeting Agenda  Minutes

August 2017   Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes Special Called Meeting 1 Minutes  Special Called Meeting 2 Agenda  Minutes

July 2017  Regular Meeting Agenda  Minutes   Special Called Meeting Agenda   Minutes

June 2017  Regular Meeting Agenda  Minutes

May 2017  Regular Meeting Agenda  Minutes

April 2017  Regular Meeting Agenda  Minutes  Special Called Meeting Agenda  Minutes

March 2017  Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes

February 2017  Regular Meeting Agenda  Minutes  Special Called Meeting Minutes

January 2017 Regular Meeting Agenda  Minutes

December 2016 Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes

November 2016 Regular Meeting Agenda  Minutes

October 2016 Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes

September 2016 Regular Meeting Agenda  Minutes

August 2016 Regular Meeting Agenda  Minutes

July 2016 Regular Meeting Agenda  Minutes

June 2016 Regular Meeting Agenda  Minutes

May 2016  Regular Meeting Agenda  Minutes

April 2016 Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes

March 2016 Regular Meeting Agenda  Minutes

February 2016  Regular Meeting Agenda  Minutes

January 2016 Regular Meeting Agenda  Minutes

December 2015 Regular Meeting Agenda  Minutes

November 2015  Regular Meeting Agenda   Minutes

October 2015 Regular Meeting Agenda  Minutes

September 2015  Regular Meeting Agenda   Minutes

August 2015 Regular Meeting Agenda  Meeting minutes   Promotions Committee Agenda

July 2015 2015-07-28 Regular Meeting Agenda  mtg – 7-9-15 – Agenda PROMOTIONS COMMITTEE

June 2015 2015-06-23 Regular Meeting Agenda

May 2015 2015-05-26 Regular Meeting Agenda  Meeting draft minutes

April 2015 April 28, 2015 regular meeting draft minutes 2015-04-28 Regular Meeting Agenda March 24, 2015 draft meeting minutes

March 2015 2015-03-24 DDA agenda

February 2015 2015-02-24 Downtown Development Authority – Public Agenda-1140 February 24, 2015 Approved Minutes

January 2015 Agenda and Minutes January 2015

More meeting minutes and agendas can be view on the City of Chamblee Portal

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