Andy Tan

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Andy is the founder and co-owner of Hopstix Brewing Company, located in downtown Chamblee, providing optimal food and beverage services that leave lasting impressions. A highly motivated and creative thinker, Andy is a self-taught entrepreneur and hosts a strong foundation in the craft beer community, which has led to his successes today. 

Andy grew up on a large Indonesian island called Sumatra. With 633 different ethnic groups throughout Indonesia, Andy had the ability early on to absorb those different cultures and has taken that appreciation with him as he stepped into his professional career. In 1997, Andy arrived in Atlanta, GA, which is another diverse, thriving and vibrant city that has helped Andy enrich his potential even more. Since then, Andy graduated from Georgia State University with a degree in Computer Information Systems (Magna Cum Laude) in 2003, and founded an award-winning Hopstix Brewing Company in 2015.

From an early age, Andy developed his passion for food. Andy believes that food and beer can genuinely connect cultures and bring people together. With his design-eye, leadership skills, and ability to turn plans into executable realities, Andy was able to transform his brewing hobby into a prospering hospitality career. 

With his dedication and achievement, Andy has received numerous accolades and awards, and is the newest appointment to the Chamblee Downtown Development Authority board. Andy has come a long way in his professional role and is excited to be able to leverage his skillsets to grow himself, his business, and his City even more.

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